wild stories woven into Scottish fabrics

Welcome to Feather & Hay! I am Georgina, hand weaver and wild Scotland devotee.

I hand weave textiles, inspired by the unique beauty of the Scottish landscape. Each piece is a celebration of Scotland’s wild, natural beauty and the rhythm of its seasons. The shawls, scarves and fabrics are made with great care and slow hand manufactured processes. I use luxurious natural fibres, woven in heritage designs with unique embellishments. My work is created in a gentle manner with sustainability and zero waste at its foundation.

The textiles designed, woven and finished in my Studio in the North East of Scotland, are created to tell stories of the wild landscapes. Some feature Scottish folklore and history others celebrate colour and texture.

Sustainably Made Textiles

Yarns are carefully selected for their texture and quality, dyed to the perfect palette then hand woven and embellished to be one off pieces. Each piece tells its own story.

Hand Woven in Scotland

Hand woven on a floor loom in rural Scotland. All the textiles are not only inspired by Scotland but are made from start to finish in my studio. A journey from inspiration to textile: Feather & Hay textiles are dyed, woven, hem stitched, washed and finished within North East Scotland.

Natural & Luxurious

Feather & Hay only uses the finest & natural raw materials to create beautiful garments that you’ll love to wear. I choose sustainable fibres and gentle production processes, mixing tradition with intuitive touches.

Eco-friendly, Cruelty Free & Ethically sourced

Made slowly with care and gentle manufacturing processes the textiles are created to last many years. The natural fibres of Feather & Hay’s textiles mean that the textiles will biodegrade at the end of their life. Yarns have been chosen for their quality and their ethical credentials – such as ensuring the Merino wool used is mulesing-free.

Hand Woven Products

Wanderer & Weaver Journal Posts

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Commission a Textile

weave a wild story

I spend hours exploring moors, glens, forests and highlands to inspire the work of my hands, interpreting the colours of a season or the story in a landscape.

There are times I work with others to interpret their experience with nature. It is not always literal but can be the unique elements that stand out. Tell me a story, share a picture or a place and I’ll turn that into a textile you’ll love for years to come. Read more about commissioning a textile.

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