Wild stories woven into Scottish fabrics

Made in Scotland






I create hand woven textiles, inspired by the unique beauty of the British landscape. Celebrating our connection with the natural world and rhythm of the seasons. I use the story of a wild landscape interpreting the magic of nature into cloth. I make textiles that focus on sustainability, low impact manufacturing and natural resources: using eco-friendly plant based and, ethically produced, animal fibres.

Each piece is created by hand. Yarns are carefully selected for their texture and quality, dyed to the perfect palette then hand woven and individually created to be one off pieces. Each piece tells its own story. This is slow fashion – or rather fashion with heart <3.

Shawls, Scarves, Baby Wraps & Candles are available

Commissioning Work

weave a wild story

I spend hours exploring moors, glens, forests and highlands to inspire the work of my hands, interpreting the colours of a season or the story in a landscape.

There are times I work with others to interpret their experience with nature. It is not always literal but can be the unique elements that stand out. Tell me a story, share a picture or a place and I’ll turn that into a textile that weaves your narrative. Allowing you to hold onto a piece that shares a time, special moment or place. Read more on Bespoke fabrics.