2023 hasn’t been kind! A new way of doing things

2023 has felt like the year I have struggled to get going with pretty much everything I have tried to achieve. It has felt like too many sad things, bad things have been happening.

If you have followed me for a while you might know that I have two pets; a dog and a cat that often popped up in F&H posts and photos. One of those joys of having a studio at home means I can enjoy their company. As a mum to four children and a military wife for the last 20 years my pets have kept me sane in many lonely and difficult times. Sadly I lost my tabby cat Abbie of nearly 21 years at the very beginning of the year. Then my sweet Jack Russel Wilbur only last week. On top of car problems (no cars at all at times!), children’s health problems and more I have just got to a point I feel very sad and worn out with ‘pushing through’.

You might be thinking – so what?

Well, I am a human – an artist weaving lovely textiles with the upmost care for my wonderfully human followers. When I lost Abbie I got such a lot of kindness and support. I know you understand the love our pets provide. Those that support me have big hearts and I appreciate it so much. My weaving and my wandering will continue. Whilst I am feeling so incredibly sad every day I am finding it hard to share. I want to bring you joy and so I need to re-find my own joy. I need to find a healthy balance and the summer months seem a perfect time to re-assess.

What next? What you will see from F&H over the Summer

I am going to work a little more quietly. There will be commissions to complete and new pieces to weave. I will share every fortnight or so what I have been doing via the Wanderer & Weaver Journal and a YouTube video once a month. The website (and the shop) will be open but I will add new pieces towards the Autumn. VIPs (the mailing list) will get updates & if I can manage it early access to the said pieces. When I can I will link up to all of the above via Social Media (most likely Instagram) – to remind you I am still here! I hope you’ll continue to support F&H and I look forward to keeping an eye out for your news via Instagram or please send an email if you fancy a chat. (georgina@featherandhay.com)

See you soon – Georgina