A little catch up now it’s Autumn and what’s next..

Now we’ve hit Meteorological Autumn, the mornings are chilly and the leaves are turning hues of gold and rust. I thought it was a good time for a catch up. I took the Summer away from connecting via the website, social media and email but Autumn is here and there’s is plenty to catch up on.

Colours that blend with the Heather

I spent an afternoon out in Glen Prosen recently whilst all the heather was out. It was beautiful and seeing hills carpeted with this abundant and vibrant plant is never less than breath-taking. Pictured here are some of the warm brown Jeanie Dean’s Story Plaids and the Hill top Heather, Simply Scotland Shawl. It was the perfect backdrop, the colours just threaded into the landscape. The warm tones are a perfect at this time of year.

More Simply Scotland

The Hill top Heather Shawl is a Simply Scotland piece. I have been aiming to add to this collection that is inspired by the places I wander such as the ‘Mayar‘ & ‘Driesh’ shawls – named for two Munros on the outskirts of the Cairngorms National Park. Take a look below at the new set of scarves, just finished this September. There is the green forest inspired ‘Scolly’s Forest’ and the rich colours of the ‘Brechin Berry’ & ‘Fogharach’ scarves. All new for this Autumn.

The Simply Scotland pieces are exactly as stated! Just simple, traditional twill patterns in stunning Scottish inspired colours. All made in a delightfully soft Merino Lambswool. They’re straight from the landscape I love to wander through. A little piece of Scotland threaded through each textile.

What will I be weaving next?

The Giant Scarves are still available. Their natural, cozy, easy to wear qualities are still popular so I will keep them going and will weave more over the winter. As the Autumn progresses into Winter I will let the landscape inspire more Simply Scotland scarves and shawls – if there is a Scottish element you’d like turned into a textile let me know in the comments or send a message.

A vibrant Story Plaid

I’ve wanted to create a vibrant colour based Story Plaid for a while! I love how berries offer spots of colour throughout what can be quite a stark landscape as we progress into Winter. I’ll be diving into all the stories and folklore around berries such as the bright red Rowan & Holly tree berries, the dark purple-blue of the Blackthorn tree and the deep burgundy of the Elderberries. So, this is your heads up! I’m still in the design phase of this set. I’ll be back to tell you more as the designs come together.

There it is, my plans for the coming months. I’ll space the weaving out with plenty of wanders out in the Glens. Keeping my fingers crossed for a little snow. It can arrive as early as October on the hills. I wouldn’t mind a few snowy days – how about you?

2 thoughts on “A little catch up now it’s Autumn and what’s next..

  1. I’m originally from south western Pennsylvania and love all the deep, vibrant colors of the fall. Love and look forward to seeing more of your vibrant created shawls and scarves of rich golds, reds, browns, and wild flower inspirations, etc. Including photographs of your picturesque landscape. Thank you for sharing.
    I am 6 weeks in recovering from a fractured right shoulder. A very slow process, no driving and no weaving. Your lovely photos of Scotland and beautiful weaving lift my spirits giving me brighter moments.

    1. Thank you Brenda! Sorry to hear you’ve had a fractured shoulder – that sounds incredibly sore. I will do my best to keep you entertained 😄

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