Hand woven textiles that celebrate British stories, rhythms and cycles. A slow and gentle appreciation towards seasons and country life.


If I talk about my work I would use the words ‘root’ or ‘deep rooted’ quite quickly. Feather & Hay creates textiles rooted in the British countryside, reflecting the rhythm of country life and the turning of the seasons.

My own beginnings were deep rooted into our British countryside. As a farmer’s daughter my childhood filled with playing in woodlands, splashing in streams and quite often making fires where I probably shouldn’t have been (sorry Dad!). I could be described as having been a little feral and I most definitely spent more time outside than in. As an adult it is harder to keep those connections to one place, especially as I am part of a military family but roots do not have to keep you in one place (I am talking metaphors here). I find myself delightfully entangled with Scotland as much as I had been where I grew up. It is the British Isles I love: our solstices, gentle turning seasons and mixed history. It is this you’ll find woven into a Feather & Hay piece.


Feather & Hay not only uses nature and landscapes to inspire hand woven work but the seasonal flow of country living. My textiles will not attempt to bring an exact copy but convey the feeling, traditions or flash of colour from the memory of a place or time. If you have fallen in love with the British Isles a Feather & Hay textile can envelope you in a memory to keep forever. I aim to dissolve the barriers between ourselves and nature: a conscious fashion that will benefit both.  

Weaving a is a slow and traditional craft. The time it takes to create a hand woven piece helps absorb the chaos of modern fast paced living. It cannot be rushed: each step must be taken with care to make the textile as intended. Feather & Hay incorporates the slow living approach:

S – Sustainable

L – Local

O – Organic

W – Whole, not processed

In 2019 my focus is on not only natural fibres but sustainable, local and organic where possible. I find that natural, sustainable and quality go hand in hand but there are fibres such as ‘TENCEL’ that fall in between categories (of natural and man-made) but are a worthy and sustainable fibre. The process is gentle, using sensory profusion to appreciate each step: sharing with you the way your textile came to life. Join me on Instagram and Facebook to follow the journey.

Choosing a hand woven item is an investment. Feather & Hay will make it a great decision – not only can you own a little piece of the British Isles but a product that respects it as much as appreciates it!