Hand woven textiles that celebrate British stories, rhythms and cycles. A slow and gentle appreciation towards seasons and country life.

Feather & Hay create hand woven textiles, inspired by the unique beauty of the British landscape. Celebrating our connection with the natural world and rhythm of the seasons whilst reflecting the cycle of rural country life.

As a farmer’s daughter, my childhood was spent outside in the countryside. My days were filled climbing trees, paddling in streams and often making fires where I probably shouldn’t have! I love the simple pleasures, to breathe in the gusts on the highest hills, to go foraging for berries and to just appreciate my surroundings.

I want a Feather & Hay to spark that memory for you, to remind you of a time spent in the woods or splashing in the puddles. To bring you closer to the transformative power of being in the wild.. just by touching, wearing and loving it. For the textile to find its way back to nature, on a journey with the person it belongs to.

The conception of Feather and Hay textiles begins outdoors, falling in love with a colour, a texture or a story that can be imaginatively and passionately created into a hand woven fabric. It is important for me to weave fabrics that are sustainable, made in harmony with our environment to dissolve barriers between ourselves and nature. Each Feather & Hay warp is designed with a story to tell, inspired by nature, the landscape or the seasonal flow of country living. If you have fallen in love with the British Isles, a Feather & Hay textile can surround you with that feeling, perhaps a tradition or a flash of natural colour from a place or time, that you can keep forever.

I am committed to making choices that respect our natural world. With an emphasis on quality raw materials, I use traditional equipment and slow processes to minimise the impact on our environment and ensure the beauty and longevity of the textile. Feather & Hay loves to share the sensory profusion of each step: see how your textile came to life. Join me on Instagram and Facebook and follow my journey’