‘Alidra’ Review

Alidra is a large size 3 hand woven baby wrap @ 360cm. Woven from the Winter’s Union warp, inspired by a beautiful winter wedding bouquet.  The colours of the Cotton warp go from subtle pinks to soft minty greens and the weave pattern is a heart shape (like a fancy twill). The weft fibre is a pink Bamboo which creates a lovely sheen and super soft to the touch. 

Often Bamboo fibres in baby wraps are associated with smaller babies but I know wrappers who like it as a blend (i.e. with Cotton) for bigger toddlers too. Mixed with a Cotton warp this wrap has coped with both. 

This wrap is subtle & pretty with a fringe finish to the ends.


 “I loved the thin feel too the wrap (Alidra), just how I like them. It was so soft and with a lovely amount of stretch and bounce and I can see it being prefect for a newborn. Having said that it was amazing for my 10 month old chunk and every carry I tried was comfortable.  It even felt comfortable on shoulders with my now 4 year old-I can’t claim she felt weightless because she’s so big these days, and was only up for about 10 mins but it was a comfortable 10 mins! She loved the colours as soon as she saw it saying it had all  her favourite colours in it. 

 I tried a few different carries but for me it shone in a slip knot hip carry (it was done as an emergency sleepy baby but in a rush carry). Crazy long tails but would make a perfect shorty for that. I rarely find that carry comfortable for long but it was sooo soft/cushy on the shoulder I could have used it for a go- to carry with this wrap. I’m not sure how ‘slippy’ the knot would be with bigger kids though as it had a lot of glide and was easy to tighten, but maybe it would just need a tighter knot.  

 I think given the stretch and bounce it would probably work better for me with multi-layer carries with older children but pretty much rocked everything I tried with my daughter. I used fwcc, poppins, ruck tied tibetan and half Jordan’s. 
I found it cool even in hot weather in multi-layer carries but still snuggly on cooler days (I love bamboo for that).

 I think this is one of my all time favourites wraps!

By a Feather & Hay Baby Wrap Tester

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