I love Scotland all year around. Walking out into the Angus Glens or the Cairngorms National Park always has the power to inspire. But if I had to pick, Autumn in Scotland would likely come out on top! The delicious mixing of changing leaf colours and berries of deep burgundy, vibrant red and sultry purples against golden light. All of these colours vibrant against the threateningly powerful grey skies.

Autumn in Scotland – the inspiration for the next Story Plaids

I have woven the Giant Scarves over the summer (all of which are now in stock) which meant I came later to the Autumnal Plaids than I had wanted. The upside is that I am literally creating them as the inspiration happens around me. The Oak leaves are gently curling into soft russets and golden hues. The Birch leaves waving like royal giants with gold tips fingers and the Rowan trees stand out from the darker landscape like rubies against inky velvet.

The Autumnal Story Plaids

With all the beautiful colours it is not surprising there is much folk and plantlore around the trees found in woodlands in Scotland, some originating in the Caledonian forests of old. This set of Story Plaids capture the feeling of Autumn. The plaid design is a warm criss cross of warm rust, golden wheat and soft silvers. Each shawl is decorated with its own story. Oak leaves falling & swirling gently. Birch branches with their magical potency sway across the textile. Look out for secretly placed acorns and berries. If you love Autumn, especially a Scottish Autumn, these hand woven Story Plaids will capture the essence of this season within the cosy depths of each plaid shawl.

Bringing the ideas together

There will be four Story Plaid shawls. Each one will be embellished to bring the symbolism of the tree it is inspired by. The Giant Oak for its strength, The Birch for its purifying properties and renewal, the Rowan for its magic and one final piece to tie all the overarching beauty of Autumn in Scotland together.

I weave Story Plaids on my floor loom in the North East of Scotland. Choosing British & Irish yarns and fibres to create a traditional design. Embellishing each shawl with a range of textile artistry skills from spinning to weaving and felting to stitching. I use Merino Lambswool for the main plaid, adding a range of natural fibres (such as Linen & Shetland wools) to create the story of each piece. I hand felt and stitch the embellishments creating a story within each piece. Each shawl is truly unique. An art piece that you can wear, cosy into or keep as a decoration in your home. They will be ready by the end of October 2022. If you’d like to see the making of these shawls you can follow my progress on Instagram.

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  1. I absolutely adore this plaid you’re working on. The colors are so warm & beautiful 😍

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