Autumn – what’s coming up!


This is one of the weaves I am hoping to turn into baby wraps. It is one of Bonnie Inouye’s – her designs are amazing but it takes a bit more work than many other weaves I have been working on as it involves two shuttles; one weaves a plain weave and one creates the pattern. I think it will give a cushier, slightly thicker wrap for the Autumn and Winter.

Another plan for the loom is not decided yet as the winner of the current competition on Facebook will be letting me use their inspiration to create a warp. The winner will get a minimum 68cm x 68cm piece or they can upgrade to a baby wrap or scarf. Pop over to Facebook to join in!

I am still mulling over the Autumn/Winter ideas and will pop some more ideas into my August Newsletter – make sure you are on the mailing list to get that in the next couple of weeks.