Bespoke Baby Wrap (Baby Carrier) Commissions



Commission a Baby Wrap

Commissions are made to a client’s specifications; bespoke baby wraps are often inspired by a photo, a favourite place or important event.

Commission a baby wrap for the opportunity to create a special piece of hand woven fabric for carrying. With the design carefully considered for its beauty and wrap qualities this is a great chance to make the client’s perfect wrap. Special enough to be kept as an heirloom for the next generation. 

There are two ways to get a bespoke made baby wrap. Choose a ‘Custom’ made piece where the client has control over the design process from the beginning or a ‘Semi-custom’ where the client makes choices once a design is already on the loom. 

Commission a Baby Wrap

Choose between


The client will have input from the beginning so will need to share inspiration photos and consider colours, weave drafts (patterns) etc. wanted.

The client chooses:

  • inspiration pictures/colours
  • higher/lower gsm (density/thickness of the wrap)
  • from a selection of weave drafts
  • from a  selection of warp (vertical) fibres in a range of colours
  • from a selection of weft (horizontal) fibres in a range of colours
  • the length of your wrap
  • the way ends are finished (hemmed, straight fringe, knotted fringe or tassels)

*There is a booking/design fee when choosing a custom slot


The client will be involved once the warp has been designed and added to the loom. The client can then choose the fibre/colour of the weft yarn. 

The client chooses:

  • from a selection of weft fibres in a range of colours
  • the length of the wrap
  • the way the ends are finished
  • possibly choose the treadling order if applicable

Facebook & Instagram are great places to see what is currently available for a semi-custom slot

The Process – how does it work?

The client offers the inspiration ideas to begin. F&H will then collate ideas through colour sketches, collages, yarn or sample sharing and/or IT drafts are used. This helps the client get an idea of how their initial inspiration might be interpreted into a textile for baby wearing. Small samples can be sent to clients to help with decision making. 

IT drafts can demonstrate how weave patterns and colours might work together in a quick & efficient way. The drafts created can be tweaked as many times as needed to get the ideal final design. 

The client will need to make choices such as: a weave pattern, colour, fibre and order of warp & weft threads, length & finish of their wrap etc. 

Once designs have been completed and agreed upon the client will have been given the invoice for their baby wrap. Once payment has been made (usually at least 50% of the total cost) yarn can be bought and warping the loom can begin. 

Process shots are shared at points throughout the weaving process – adding to the excitement & anticipation! 

Once the yarns have arrived and the warping begins the process is normally completed within one month.