Lost Words

Lost Words  There is a danger of losing words of the natural world, buried under a mound of technological language. Words that conjure sunshine and breezes and long days playing outside. A rich landscape of wild imagination and wild play. Feather & Hay is dedicating a warp to the beautiful poetry book Lost Words. – The…

Weave Patterns

Weave Patterns Find examples of weave patterns Feather & Hay uses in their textiles.  *If you are interested to find out where the pictured drafts have originated do ask – some are F&H’s and some from other weavers. All pictured woven fabrics  have been woven by Feather & Hay.  A4E539D1-7296-494E-8EE4-8773272A218BUntitled design1F2B06BC-D028-4FD7-9D60-B76F776552186ABDC201-1CDD-4DC1-8F87-5F5D7C73B896IMG_339001a6c7a788fdb40043aa74f1a5f387d15c7cb0af8601b9fa8f8f6f723866e37ca5da1a7a6817c7d1a471B9E92426-8020-44E1-B7EB-42D1CCB9FB3903365DDC-1C08-474B-9814-BCB064D94E4DLRG_DSC03526LRG_DSC03537949E1513-3AB4-422F-83BF-8A9CAC0FAC0BLRG_DSC03855ORG_DSC06939ORG_DSC07003