Lost Words Commission Opportunity (Semi-Custom)

Lost Words 32″ width Warp

Open for Semi-custom hand woven pieces

Looking for the scarves already woven?


The Lost Words collection began with a poetry book. I was inspired by the ethos to save simple words such as fern. bluebell, acorn and otter, kingfisher or magpie. Natural words that may be lost in the technological wave of our modern life. Feather & Hay’s collections are created from nature’s simple beauty and ‘Lost Words’ is a salute to keeping those words close to our hearts. Each piece is made to summon back lost words. Read more here. 

Would you like your own piece from this warp?

This form is for semi-custom pieces from Feather & Hay’s Lost Words Collection. The weave pattern and colours of the warp are decided. The client can choose length, colour, sometimes treadling pattern (variation from original pattern) and the finish (i.e. tassels, hemstitching, hemmed, zigzag stitched, knotted fringe). 

Fill out the form below. The client can add links to photo albums/use Pinterest (share a board with me)/or describe how they want the weft yarn to look. The client can ask Feather & Hay to bring together their idea: this will be done via sketches/IT drafts/samples/photos once the form is filled in and the initial Payment deposit has been paid. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions for Commissioned Work before submitting the form. 

Once the form is submitted Feather & Hay will acknowledge the submission with an invoice. I will aim to allocate slots on a first come first served basis but this is dependent on availability i.e. if I only have 2 metres on a warp I cannot offer a 3 metre baby wrap. 

Please pay for invoices within 24 hours. 

The Warp Overview

The warp: a hand painted 80% Merino wool with 20% Tencel yarn
The warp width: 32″ (this is slightly wider than F&H’s usual baby wrap width)
The weave: a range of plaited twills
The weft: a range of fibres available including Tencel, Merino wool, Fine Lambswool & Cashmere blend, Nettle & Silk blend and more
The pieces available: long shawls/scarves, square scarves, baby wraps, fabric by the metre etc.

Weave Pattern Examples



The prices shown are correct at time of writing (this may change due to stock availability or price changes from suppliers). All prices include dye work and are by the metre (please note bandanna/square scarves can be multiplied by 0.78 to get the correct price). Tasseling and other types of fringing are charged as extra (please see prices on the drop down menu). All pieces will be finished with hem stitching or a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine (included in the price). 

Other fibres can be discussed. 

Other extras can be discussed e.g. beading, middle markers

All baby wraps come with the Feather & Hay rooster tag (usually placed as a middle marker)

I cannot currently ship to America/Canada – I apologise for any inconvenience. 

If you have question get in touch HERE