Community Project updates 


(search this hash tag in the Feather & Hay tester & chat group on Facebook to find all the relevant posts)

In May 2018 we began a Community Project where those that follow F&H on social media and are in the above Facebook group get to make decisions about what Feather & Hay will hand weave. The width will be woven to suit baby wrap widths but other items can be made from the fabric so you don't need to be interested in only baby wraps to take part. Read more from the Community Project introduction

Inspiration photos

The first few steps in the Community Project included finding some inspiration. There were many stunning choices, shared for a number of reasons (just as it would when getting a bespoke piece hand woven). Above were the 5 final photos picked by the group. The winner from voting on these 5 beautiful photos was.......


June 2018

Hand Dyeing the Warp

The warp will be hand painted but on pre-dyed yarns to give the warp a basic colour palette to begin with, then brighter more irregular colour splashes can be added

Fibre Choices

The excitement to try new and interesting fibres is a common one. The group mentioned Tencel & Silk (giving the final pieces some sheen) being a good choice for the warp basing it on the inspiration photo. Nevertheless it may then be more difficult to please lots of people when a more unusual or specific wrap quality fibre (e.g. Tencel being soft and perhaps quite slippery) is picked. It was decided that keeping the warp Cotton was a good move as this is a Community Project - it would allow more choices to be combined when adding a weft as Cotton is a good all rounder. 

July 2018

Weave Draft Choices

The voting came down to three weaves: 2 x Crackle weaves and 1 x Undulating Twill. The group have wanted a weave that reflects the movement of the sea and the final choices all had this element but the winning draft is the one below. Shown with a white weft, an example of the draft woven and a black weft. The final weft choices have not been made, the black and white is just an example. Please note these examples do not include the hand painting that will go over the top of the base colours. 

  • IMG_0249

  • IMG_0254 (1)

August 2018

I am taking a short break to see family & friends but will be back in August to start the hand painting. The yarn has been ordered for the warp and it is now that anyone can choose to purchase a piece from this warp. Please send a message if you are interested or search the hash tag: #communityweavingproject in the Feather & Hay tester & chat group (on Facebook) to find the post requesting interest in owning a piece. There will be competitions once the hand painting starts to win discount vouchers and select pieces from this warp.

September 2018

The warp has been hand painted and is on the loom. I am currently sampling a range of colours to help the group decide on the colours (and fibres) of the yarn to be used in any tester pieces.

There is a limited amount available for customers who would like their own pieces - please see more here.

To help make Community Weaving Project decisions

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October 2018

The warp has now been completed. There were a few slots for customers who chose to have their own pieces woven. Please see the Feather & Hay tester & chat group (on Facebook) to see more about them. Feather & Hay woven three baby wraps from thus project. All three are currently out with Ambassadors but will be available for testers in November 2018. Please join the mailing list to be the first to hear about the availability and add your own details to be a tester. 

The three wraps are:

In Fairy Realms: a 100% Cotton baby wrap with the ends finished in a fringe it is approximately 400cm long in Crackle weave. The weft colour is a light pink.

Dusk's Reverie: a 100% Cotton baby wrap with the ends finished in a tasselled fringe it is approximately 400cm long in Crackle weave. The weft colour is a deep purple. 

Queen of Elphame: a 50% Cotton 50% Banana Silk baby wrap with the ends finished in a tasselled fringe it is approximately 432cm long in an Undulating Twill weave. The weft is an Ecru colour. 

There are also a few notebooks available, two bandanna scarves and a very limited amount of fabric for textile art

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  • staggreen

  • IMG_1747

  • duckpink

  • booksCommWeavProj

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