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Community Project - May 2018

Come join the Feather & Hay Community Project. 

I'm a sucker for finding out about all your ideas! I enjoy working one on one with client's to make bespoke hand woven pieces which got me thinking about working with more than one person.....a community project. 

This project will be made to a baby wrap width (approximately 70cm) but will be offering a range of items from the warp designed by the 'community'. Decisions will be made from the very beginning; those that join in have the option to vote for inspiration starters (photos), fibre and colour options, weave patterns and then length and type of some final items. There will be group decisions made about tester wraps and  also availability to have individual pieces commissioned. 

There will be at least one tester wrap to come from this warp. It will be sent on a journey - hopefully to visit all those that were involved in it's making. If you think you'd like to be part of the testing group please sign up to the Feather & Hay newsletter - you will get notifications about when it is ready and the sign up makes it easy to add your postal address and feedback link (making you ready to test). You will also get the newsletter with F&H discounts, sample offers, product updates and more.....


  1. How do I get involved?

Join the Feather & Hay tester & chat group on Facebook. Voting will start at the beginning of the week via a Poll post and the results collected at the weekend. Whichever gets the highest votes will be the choice selected. e.g. There are 5 fibre choices - Cotton, Cotolin, Tencel, Cotton/Cashmere, or Linen for the warp. Before voting there will be discussions/overview about the fibre & choices related to it. Then a poll added for each member to vote. 

          2. Do I have to be involved every step of the way?

No, you can dip in and out as much as you like. If you miss one of the choices you can help influence the next step!

          3. I don't want a baby wrap can I get other hand woven items from this warp?

Yes! You can choose to have a scarf made (I can alter it to different widths/styles or you can outsource to another maker), buy it by the 50cm or have textile art made. 

          4. How much will it cost?

To join in with voting does not cost anything. If you wanted to buy a piece from the warp it would depend on decisions like what fibre was used etc. and how long a piece you wanted. As a very basic guideline a metre piece of 100% Cotton hand woven fabric would be from £74 +. There will be opportunities to get 'scrap' for bargain prices, discount vouchers available via the newsletter and a competition or two to win pieces! 

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