Early January 2016 – on the Loom!

Having just passed the Winter Solstice my inspiration for weaving turned to darker and stronger colours and weaves. My last weaving was about the ice in winter that glitters and lightens the countryside. Now, it is about cold winter nights and shorter days. It can be magical: think snow, early mornings or late evenings, a long, quiet walk in a beautiful forest or woodland.

Another sign of the short days is sharing stories with my children. They have lots of firm favorites when it comes to modern children’s stories; The Gruffalo, The Hungry Caterpillar, Harry Potter but I have been flicking through my old childhood books and found some fables and fairy tales. I have to admit some of the stories aren’t very heart warming and perhaps a little dated but I love the illustrations and taking the stories as they are – traditional tales – I love the magic of them.

So this warp – with baby wraps, scarves and blankets – is about the deep blue of a winter forest at night. Some items with the glow of a winter fire in them, some the green of evergreen trees, the baby wrap has the streaks of purple/blue lights just leaving or returning across a deep winter sky. In my search for additional inspiration I found a Canadian painter called Kathryn Beals, her paintings invoke the magic of clear snowy nights that I’m using for this warp. I have permission to share the picture of the painting here but pop over to see the rest of her work too on her her blog.

They hand woven items will all have Cotton but the weft fibre will change: Tencel, Merino and a Pure Wool Merino Blend. The weave structure is a 2/2 Twill.

Keep an eye out they will be available in the coming weeks….