F&H Ambassador Roles

Do you love F&H products? Love taking photos, sharing on social media, sharing your experiences? Then an ambassador role might work well for you. Read on to find out more.

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Available roles 

Facebook Group 'poster'

Instagram 'poster'

Website contributor

Product photos & reviews

Any of the above for non-baby wrap products

Read more on each role below

Roles Overview

F&H Tester & Chat Group

Hello to newbies

Getting to know all posts

Sharing website/page posts

Encouraging photo sharing

Encourage questions/general


Enjoy taking photos for Instagram

Create in similar style to F&H

Active & public account

Take own photos (include but not solely selfies)

Use # tags 

Website Contributor

Write review on wraps/products 

Focus on particular fibre, blend, weave, ends i.e. fringe etc.

Can take good photos (include but not solely selfies)

Product photos & reviews

Good outdoor & action shots

In style of F&H

Whole person and close-up 

Write up (I can guide what areas to write about or do your own.)


Q. How often do I need to post/share/send pictures?

A. To give an average I would say twice a week. This does depend on your role: for example - someone writing a review wouldn't be expected to write something every week! 

Q. I'm not sure what to write, post, what theme F&H uses for my pictures etc..

A. I am happy to give an overview if you aren't sure what to write about for a review but it is pretty much just writing how you felt about the experience and what you liked about fibre, weave, colour and so on. Again for posts I can suggest ideas but posting examples include 'getting to know you' or 'sharing tips & ideas'. F&H's theme is 'country' and I love to see outside photos especially if it includes wellies! ????

Q. How long will I be an ambassador?

A. As long as it works for both of us! If you are struggling to find time just let me know - you can always take a small break and come back to the role. 

Q. What do Ambassadors get to help fulfil the role?

A. In order for you to fulfil  your role you will need a regular supply of Feather & Hay products! Some may be for temporary visits and occasionally they may be for you to keep.  You will also get the chance to have custom slots and regular exclusively ambassador discounts . You will be given special affiliate codes to share with friends or newbies you might come across in your role as ambassador.  If there is anything you'd like particularly please do discuss it with me. 

Any other questions? 

 please get in touch. 

Feather & Hay is not currently looking for new ambassadors , please check back soon. 

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