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The Story

Country inspired

Feather & Hay is all about beautiful and practical textiles and British countryside. The weaving is not only inspired by landscapes, plant and animal life but how we interact with our countryside: those that enjoy strolling through it, working and living in it and those that have a deep history and affiliation with country life. 

Georgina is Feather & Hay's hand weaver.

Country Life

I grew up a little feral. The countryside: it's way of life, the land and it's wild heart will always call me. It is in the bones, part of my blood and I can’t help but let it be part of my creativity as an adult.  I was very much a free range child; growing up on a working farm and being allowed to explore and quietly merge into the landscapes. That little person spent many hours soaking up quiet woodlands, vast rolling fields and tiny, barely there streams. Feather & Hay is a quiet nod to that small person, whom still encourages roaming in between the weaving hours! 

As a mostly self-taught hand weaver I am proud to have put in many hours in to learning this craft and have only begun to unravel it. I have a degree in education & music and consider myself a creative thinker, a lover of art and a patient soul. This has allowed perseverance to manoeuvre around obstacles that any hand weaver faces (think knots, unravelled threads, tangles, tears). I am dedicated to this age old craft and the never-ending ability to learn new weave patterns, new colour combinations and the special relationship of maths and art. 

The textiles I produce weave personal experience with the cultural, a little mythical as well as practical: reflecting the British landscape's stunning beauty with its turning seasons, myriad of weather conditions and long history. 

You will never find me far from a pair of sturdy boots, my children, husband, country life and my loom!


I am a mother to four children. Babywearing has been important to us as a family. Not only is it a practical answer to one mama needing enough hands to deal with four children it has also had deeper meaning particularly when my twin boys arrived in 2007.  My identical twin boys arrived early and one boy had a heart condition. The babywearing helped with skin to skin (important to premmie babies) it helped our bonding once my 'heart' twin had spent 4 months in a hospital 2.5 hours away from us. I admit that I don't know how well we would have bonded without the help of a trusty ring sling.  Currently much of my weaving  is creating baby wraps for carrying young babies and little people therefore my experience as a mum has helped create Feather & Hay baby wraps. I try to allow for 3-4 custom slots a year. Please find out more here if you would like your own baby wrap hand woven by Feather & Hay. 

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Feather & Hay's work

I enjoy collaborating: in weaving baby wraps I have spent many hours working with parents/carers to make not only beautiful fabric but a practical and useful item. I have also worked with client's to commemorate a loved one through textiles and other businesses to make bespoke items.

Often the process begins with one photo inspiration, a favourite weave pattern or even a historical event. I have been told I am very patient, good at asking the right questions and turning a client's ideas into reality. It can be the most challenging way of working but also amazingly rewarding! I am always willing to discuss ideas and try out new ways of working together so please - get in touch  - let us start something new. Contact>

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