February on the loom

It’s just around the corner: Spring! With that in mind my thoughts turned to Spring time around the farm I lived on during my childhood. I spent many hours playing in woodlands as the sun’s warmth grew and the days got longer. One of my favourite Spring time blooms is the lovely Bluebell. The bluey-purple carpet that merges into one with the accompanying strong greens and the perfume – ooh I love it!



The inspiration this time is simply ‘Bluebells’ although it has been mentioned in the group that the version with the darker of the two purples is reminiscent of the aurora borealis with its greens & purples.


Aurora borealis over Norway’s Steinvikholmen Castle by Hallvor Hobbyfotograf

The weave draft is a simple straight twill, used because it created a lovely floppy baby wrap and because it doesn’t detract from the beautiful colours which are the main focus. The weft cotton is the Egyptian Combed Cotton again so expect gorgeously soft baby wraps!