Fibre Considerations

F&H Fibres and their Wrapping Qualities

Please note most of the fibre qualities here have been described from wraps with a Cotton or Cottolin warp. e.g. Cotton + Tencel or Cotton +Rose/Silk

Cottons:  soft, bandage like, grippy, good all rounder

Tencelsoft, drapes well, shiny,  smooth, passes easily when tying, eco-friendly

Bamboo: very soft, smooth, glides easily, shiny, temperature regulating, good for sensitive skin. Some wearers say it isn’t  strong for larger babies/children but I think it depends on the fibre it is paired with!

Banana Silk: textured, shiny, soft, bandage like

Merino/Tencel Blend: soft, wool like, gives a ‘bounce’ to the wrap, smooth, bandage like.

Cotton/Linen Blend: strong, floppy (though may need use to get like this), grippy, soft but firm,  ideal for bigger babies/children. Feel/drape will improve with age

Rose/Silk: soft, wool like, gives a 'bounce' to the wrap, smooth, bandage like

Nettle/Silk: rustic feel, soft but strong, can have small nubs

Cotton/Cashmere: coming soon

Tussah Silk: coming soon

Camel Hair: coming soon

*More fibre info to come soon!
**Info gathered from Testers & Owners of F&H wraps

Cotton & Royal Alpaca/Silk

Cotton & Merino Wool

Cotton & Nettle/Silk