Become a Baby Wrap Tester

Baby Wrap Tester Requirements



Joined the Mailing List

Join the Mailing List to be kept up to date with tester information, receive newsletters and sign up to be a tester  (see the next three steps) in one place!

Positive Feedback

To test baby wraps feedback is required from Facebook Feedback specific groups such as HE Babywearing Feedback Collaborative or positive feedback reference from a Sling Library leader (they will need to email). Please add your feedback link to your mailing list profile. 

Postal Address

When signing up to the mailing list you will be asked to fill in your Postal Address. If you need to go back & update this information it can be easily done by going back to the sign up link; add in the email you signed up with and update there.   


There are two ways to agree to the 'Ways of Sending & Receiving Baby Wraps' document. When signing up to the mailing list you can tick agreed after reading the document OR comment agreed on the pinned post in the Facebook Tester & Chat group. 

Share your photos with Feather & Hay

It is fantastic to see tester's photos, there are regular opportunities to share and be rewarded with vouchers to spend online!

Send them via Dropbox, the Facebook Tester & Chat group or to

Share on the Page,  Instagram or the Tester & Chat group

It is great to see how you use the wrap and examples of the carries chosen - it is great for new baby wearers to see the range of carries. To be honest I just love seeing them in action so please do share!

The Tester & Chat group is run specifically to share information on baby wraps. It is also a place for mini competitions and member discounts. 

Google Feedback Form
Provide feedback about your experience

It is important to share your experience with Feather & Hay. Testing is a great way to try a hand woven baby wraps but the purpose is also to help advance future baby wraps by providing feedback. 

Fill in the FORM

4 thoughts on “Become a Baby Wrap Tester

  1. I’ve just subscribed to your mailings. Id love to test your wraps. I live in Lincolnshire with my 4 children. Youngest little girl is 10 month. I got wrap envy when I saw someone out with a cream of the crop wrap, it blew me away!!!
    Please add me to the testers page ?

    1. Brilliant Laura, glad you have joined the list. That will keep you in the loop in regards to new testers. Thanks for the support. ☺️

  2. If you’re still looking for testers I’d love to be one. Your wraps are beautiful and look so soft! I’m new to wrapping but loving it so far. I have three boys my youngest is ten weeks old. I’m a member of my local sling library ‘togerther we carry Whitehaven and Workington baby wearers’. I live in the lakedistrict UK so do a lot of walking and outdoors stuff with my boys so a wrap would get well tested with us.
    Thank you xx

    1. Hi Victoria, Thank you for the comment. If you sign up to the mailing list you will get an email when I next call for new testers. You then will need to reply to say you’d like to be on that list. In the sign up form it asks for feedback from you (can be from Facebook feedback groups or from a local sling library leader), you will need to be in the Feather & Hay Tester & Chat group and have supplied your postal address. Once I have those it is just a case of waiting for the tester list to open for any of the wraps. Best wishes. Georgina

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