Testers – please read – Information on sending & receiving baby wraps

New way of sending the tester wraps. (January 2016)

  1. The current tester will post the wrap onto the next person. I will release the next address by email towards the end of the testing period.
  2. The wrap needs to be sent Royal Mail Special Delivery (this makes sure it has adequate insurance) and the receipt kept – a photograph should be sent to me please, with the tracking number visible.
  3. When sending the wrap please make sure it is inside a waterproof posting bag.
  4. The wrap doesn’t need to be washed unless needed (i.e dirty/smells). If you do wash please follow the washing instructions – there should be a label – if the label gets lost in transit I will keep an album on the tester page(labelled with the wrap’s name) with the details on so that you can always refer to it.
  5. Please check for any issues before posting it on i.e. loose threads, holes, marks. If you find anything please report it to me asap.
  6. I will keep the testing questions in the group so that you can access them yourself – as a paper copy will not be sent anymore. If you’d rather a paper copy I can post you some but you will need to post them back!
  7. Please try to keep the agreed testing period; if you have any issues contact me as soon as possible so that I can reshuffle people if necessary.
  8. Please remember I have quite a few people waiting patiently to try the wraps out; I completely understand that life happens and you might get a wrap from me but then find you don’t use it. Please don’t go silent – just keep me in the loop even if you can’t offer photos of use/feedback.
  9. Remember if you get lots of use – take photos, comment in the group/on the page and share, share, share. J
  10. No feedback is stupid/bad/not helpful. Don’t be mean but do be honest – I appreciate your thoughts: constructive criticism and praise helps me to move forward.

When it arrives:

  1. Check the wrap over, look for issues such as holes, marks, loose threads etc. If you find any problems, however small. I can then confirm if it is an issue or not.
  2. Please remember the TICKs guidelines and you will find the Baby Carrying Industry Alliance brochure in the files of the group – this will give you tips on safe baby wearing. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child/ren.
  3. Let me know it has arrived safely.