Bespoke Baby Wraps


Made to the client's specifications, bespoke baby wraps are often inspired by a photo, a favourite place or an important event. A custom slot provides an opportunity to create a special piece of fabric for carrying. With the design carefully considered for it's beauty and wrap qualities this is a great chance to make the client's perfect wrap. Special enough to be kept as an heirloom for the next generation.

The Process

The bespoke baby wrap process often starts with a client's inspiration idea in the form of a photo. To collate the ideas I might use pencils to put colours together, make a collage and share samples of yarn  – this helps the client get an idea of how their initial inspiration might be interpreted into a textile for baby wearing. 

IT programmes are used to help with designing and make trialling different colour and pattern combinations quick and efficient. Multiple messages and conversations are an inherent part of the design process. I often get to know clients very well! 


  The art of bringing together a textile for baby wearing is as much a mathematical technique as a creative one. There are numbers to calculate such as 'Ends per Inch' [EPI] (or cm!) which will effect how the fabric works. Too high an EPI will create a fabric too stiff and unyielding for baby wearing, too low and the fabric would not be strong enough. Decisions on this will be guided by the client's requirements for the fabric and fibres/yarns used.


Bespoke made Baby Wrap

The client will have input from the beginning so will need to share inspiration photos**, colours wanted and ideas so that a mood board/collection can be created. ** Please do not share photos of other people’s hand woven work & if you want to use a painting/photographer's work please do gain permission.

The client chooses:

  • Inspiration pictures/colours
  • higher/lower gsm (density/thickness of the wrap) this can be changed by the ends per inch or/and by the fibre choice
  • From a selection of weave drafts
  • From a selection of warp (vertical) fibres in a range of colours
  • From a selection of weft (horizontal) fibres in a range of colours
  • The length of your wrap
  • The way the ends are finished (hemmed, straight fringe, knotted fringe or tassels)

Decisions by F&H:

  • Final design (I do not mean I will change it but with the usual 750+ ends to measure out there may be an extra ‘blue’ or ‘pink’ than the image I have shared with you).
  • Width of the wrap   (unless otherwise requested)
  • 'Sister' ( baby wraps with different weft yarn's to the original but using the same warp) wraps  may be created from the warp. The client can choose to have only one wrap from the warp (there is an additional fee for this dependent on yarn/colour change frequency choices).

Semi-Custom Baby Wrap

The client will be involved once the warp has been designed and added to the loom. The client will be able to see the design via photos (usually posted to Facebook/Newsletter emails) and then choose fibre/colour of the weft yarn (the one that gets thrown width ways in the shuttle) and sometimes there will be a choice of weave patterns.

The client chooses:

  • From a selection of weft fibres in a range of colours
  • The length of your wrap
  • The way the ends are finished
  • Sometimes there will be a choice of treadling* (this changes the pattern - you can then have more than one pattern in the same wrap)

*only available on some weave drafts


Terms & Conditions

Please read if considering the bespoke (custom)baby wrap service