For the Love of a Scottish Shawl

There will be opportunities to win a shawl….. also (be) auctions to raise money for Charities such as

There are two main areas I focus on when creating elegant, Scottish shawls for Feather & Hay. One is the pull towards nature and wild landscapes, finding ways to create tangible links to the absolutely stunning array of colours and textures Scotland provides. The second is creating a high quality, hand made textile with natural materials. They are more than a utilitarian item. A shawl is a garment from the past: used to keep the chills away but also to bring comfort, protection and identity.

These Scottish shawls have a part of modern life too. A reminder to slow down and take in the finer details. You are allowed to stop and enjoy the moment. Grab a shawl and sit by the fire. Wrap your shawl around yourself and step outside to watch the sunset. A shawl is something to fit us all: it will wrap a small baby in comfort as well as envelope an elderly loved one. Although they are simple they can weave throughout our lives bringing simple support in a very fast-paced modern world.

A hand woven shawl is an investment. I do not want them to be bought in haste. They are designed to be loved not only today but 20 years from now. I create stories around the pieces, narratives that shine a light on Scotland’s wild landscape. The weave patterns are in keeping with heritage patterns but each Feather & Hay textile has a wild element with the hand blended inlays.

So why give a Feather & Hay Scottish Shawl away?

I design, dye, hand weave and finish each piece in my studio on the North East coast of Scotland. The standard I adhere to is important to me and sometimes I make pieces that, although still beautiful and well made, do not quite meet my strict high quality policy. It could be as simple as a colour difference or a skip in the weave as I treadled the pattern. I felt sad that these pieces may go unloved.

A power to do good.

The shawls and scarves are made to make people feel good: bringing joy, comfort, connection and identity. I work hard to make the investment worthwhile. Thank you to everyone that believes in Feather & Hay and loves the textiles they own.

I will be using these shawls to spread a little extra joy. The shawls will be given to people who share their story – how a Feather & Hay shawl might bring some joy in a tricky time. There will be opportunities to win a shawl for yourself or another. There will also be auctions to raise money for Charities such as that preserve and protect Scotland’s landscape.

For the Love of a Scottish Shawl – Got an idea?

Are you an individual or charity that might benefit from Feather & Hay’s For the Love of a Scottish Shawl opportunity? Then please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.

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