How to style your scarf this Autumn

Feather & Hay’s hand woven scarves and shawls are about fashion with heart. Wild stories woven into Scottish fabrics to create sustainable textiles that empower and encourage freedom.

To help make the most of these unique pieces I’ve put together some ideas to help you style your scarf this Autumn!

How to Style your Scarf

The Loop Through

Fold the scarf in half, drape around the neck and pass the fringe ends through the loop.

The Tucked in Basic Loop

Drape the scarf around the neck until you only have two small tails. Cross the two ends and tuck them up into the scarf.

The Pretzel

Fold the scarf in half and drape around the neck. Feed the top end through the loop. Take the bottom end and bring it up through then down through the same loop.

The Work Tie

Drape the scarf around the neck. Keep one side longer than the other. Bring the longer end behind and the over shorter to make a loop. Feed the longer end up and into the loop to make a knot. Push up the knot (like a tie) to tighten.

Using a Celtic Pin or Kilt Pin

A few ideas for using a pin with scarves and shawls

Using a Celtic Pin with a Loop Through

Long Scarves not for you? Choose a Square Scarf!