I’m live!

No I’m not stating the obvious that I am A-LIVE but live on Etsy; I’ve listed my first ever handwoven items and they’re ready for some lovely person to take home and make their own.

Firstly there is the ‘Russet Pippin’ a 100% cotton, plain weave, approximately size 4 (380cm) baby wrap. It has non-tapered tasselled ends and is reminiscent of rosy red apples found in many a Somerset Orchard. This wrap is so autumnal; with beautiful but subtle colours; the red still pops so you wont fade into the background with this wrap.

If you’d like to own this wrap pop over to the Etsy Shop.


The second item available is one of my drawstring bags. The lovely Jenni from Chapters of a Churnaholic won the ‘Russet Pippin’ version of this bag in my latest giveaway (yes, pop over to Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with upcoming giveaways) and reviewed it – it is perfect for a quick ‘grab & go’ as it can be flattened down, popped into another bag then grabbed and filled with whatever you need, whenever you need it! Usually nappies and wipes for the one I own. If you like handwoven wraps then owning a handwoven bag will be a real pleasure too.

This version is based on Hydrangeas and can be found in my Etsy shop too. It is in a plain weave structure with 100% cotton and has a leather base.

IMG_1199 IMG_1200