In the Studio – April 2021

I have a funny relationship with Spring. I think I might love and hate it in equal measures. My favourites are snow drops and tiny buds on the trees but I cannot stand the bone chilling cold that accompanies the ‘second winter’ in April. The biting winds and odd sprinklings of snow that whip around your face and sting your eyes. I feel impatient for May: all the fresh green leaves and beautiful dappled light that is promised. Scotland’s Spring takes a little longer to arrive but I feel absolutely ready for some warmer days.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been weaving a ‘Dóirneag‘ shawl warp whilst waiting for some new Lambswool yarns to arrive. I can’t wait to show you the two new colours I will be introducing, although I need to finish a bit of sampling with the new arrivals before showing them off.

If you were following F&H last year you’ll remember I took part in the Digital Craft Festival by ‘Craft Festival’. They originally organised festivals in the South West of England but with Covid-19 they created the online equivalent. In 2021 they’ve created Find a Maker‘: curating the finest artisans and makers of hand made products all in one place (available all year round). I am very happy to have been chosen to be part of it after applying earlier in the year. You can use this website to find the highest standard of hand made products.

As we move into Spring & Summer I will focus on sharing the shawls. They are a great way to add warmth on a cooler evening and a nostalgic feel with a lovely dress. I am thinking ahead to the new Autumn 2021 scarf colours and will share sneak peaks over the summer months.


I am working towards a regular overview of the work in my studio but I really want to share photos/videos and descriptions of the process you’d like to see. What would you like to see more of? Weaving at the loom? Creating the inlay fibres? Tasseling? My jaunts around Scotland? Help – let me know!

2 thoughts on “In the Studio – April 2021

  1. I know what you mean about spring – all the buds and green shoots emerging is really exciting…but the snow and hail?! My daughter said yesterday that it was like Christmas!

    In terms of what I’d like to see, I now appear to have acquired three of your pieces with inlays, so I’m really interested to see that process in more detail. They add such beautiful texture, and also interesting colour contrast.

    1. Yes, more Christmas than Easter 🙈
      That’s helpful – thank you! I will certainly put together some more information on how the inlays happen.

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