In the Studio – May 2021: new shawls

two shawls placed on a chair with tassels hanging down

Two new Scottish Landscape inspired Lambswool Shawls

Moving into May sees the addition of two new Scottish inspired shawls. A very heathery purple pink – similar to the Haeddre Shawl created previously – a new version called ‘Fead an Aonaich’. This translates from Gaelic as ‘the hiss of wind on the heather’. The second is Camhanaich Alchemy a soft slate blue shawl. They are both a mix of super soft Mulesing-free Merino wool & a touch of Cashmere, hand woven using traditional and gentle techniques. Here’s a little more about their story and the inspiration behind them.

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‘Fead an Aonaich’ Shawl

It was time to create a new heather inspired shawl after the Haeddre shawl. I had been asked if Haeddre would be recreated and Fead an Aonaich is the new version! It is the perfect combination of two yarns to create the heathery pink. The inlays have a mix of moorland hues: a blending of pinks, purples, moss greens and burnt umbers in Merino wool, Shetland wool and Rose fibre. The tassels have silk ribbons twisted into them, providing a very romantic feel. This is about being out in the heather, not just a reflection of the well known plant.

I love this Emily Bronte quote – it reflects the shawl’s story:

‘I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free…Why am I so changed? I’m sure I should be myself again were I once among the heather on those hills’

Emily Bronte

The name is Scottish Gaelic – the meaning ‘the hiss of wind on the heather’.

‘Camhanaich Alchemy’ Shawl

I have always loved early mornings. I’ll admit I went off them with young children (then you need every minute of sleep you can get and its not great having your eyes pried open by three young boys at 5.30am) but as a young child, teenager and now as a mum with older children there is a magic about getting up before everyone else. Last year I woke at about 3am and couldn’t sleep. Scotland in the summer tends to have very few hours of darkness. The light peeped through the curtains and I made a gut decision to go out into the dawning light. I felt rejuvenated by this mini adventure for weeks after.

A quieter world…

The world is quieter at this time. The light gentle and the sounds of nature more in focus. That day I walked to a local lighthouse then watched as the rays of sunlight hit the expanse of water. It was beautiful and humbling to be part of it. It was magical. I intend to venture out on more early morning adventures.

The shawl is called Camhanaich – the Gaelic word for early mornings and Alchemy for its magic.

Camhanaich Alchemy is about the magic of early mornings. Just as the light kisses the night goodbye and the blue turns to a brighter day.

Day’s sweetest moments are at dawn; Refreshed by his long sleep, the Light Kisses the languid lips of Night, Ere she can rise and hasten on….

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The shawls are a perfect layer on a chillier summer evening. I am pleased to have finished them for May so that they’re ready for you this summer. VIP’s (those on the mailing list) get a 15% discount in the May newsletter. Next up I’m working on a new oversized scarf design for Autumn (always weird having to be at least a season ahead of myself).

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