January’s Custom Made Textile

January’s Custom made textile was inspired by a selection of photographs and media collated via Pinterest. It was important to create vibrant colours with hints of copper. January’s custom made textile needed to have some sheen and it was necessary to plan the copper colour carefully so that it would not ‘muddy’ the rest of the hand dyed palette.

Jane chose a Cotton & Hemp (a 60/40 blend) warp mixed with a Tencel weft to create a soft and ‘mold-able’ baby wrap with sheen. A vibrant set of purple, blues, turquoise and green were hand painted onto warp chains (see warp dyeing techniques for more details). I then created a hand dyed mix of bright mind green and turquoise in the weft.

The inlays were a cellulose based fibre with added Pearl powder – hand dyed.

The vibrant mint green and turquoise Tencel weft turned the whole textile into a luminescent fabric!

The copper inlays gave it an earthy touch.

The finished piece

300cm baby wrap with hemmed ends

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