I think I may have seen a kingfisher once in my life, I say think because it was a flash of colour that I believe was this illusive bird. It is a bird you can spot here in the South West. Radipole Lake in Weymouth In Dorset is such a place you might find one and it’s free to visit.

One of my first wraps off the loom was the ‘Kingfisher’. It is now a tester wrap. This piece was woven on the dense side; the sett is higher than the rest. I wove it for me to use with my toddler but I think it might even surpass our need for grippy thickness!

It is 100% cotton in a point twill and really keeps its shape when you carry your baby in it. It is a size 4 which I like as its long enough to do a lot of carries but not too much fabric dangling around my feet.

I love the colour combination and it seems to appeal to many of my testers too.

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