Latest Custom Made Hand Woven Textile – Dec 2019

This bespoke made fabric was inspired by a photograph taken in Norway. A place called Selfjord. Inspired by blue-grey peals topped with white snow. Two pieces were custom made: a wide scarf and a 360cm baby wrap both with Merino wool inlays, blocks of colour and tassels with sporadic beading.

The colours for the Cotton & Hemp warp and Bourette Silk weft were dyed by Feather & Hay to reflect the original inspiration photo. Eline had visited Selfjord and her dad had taken the photo so was clear about the colours and texture of the end pieces. The colours were checked each step of the way to get the perfect match. The colours are agreed before the final dyeing takes place.

Custom Made – Eline’s Choices

Eline chose a Cotton & Hemp yarn for the warp. The yarn was hand dyed as skeins blending lighter greys to darker charcoal and ink greys. Due to the yarns being dyed before they were warped the colours move smoothly across the warp. This yarn is soft and strong. It creates fabric with a great drape (weft choices will also impact this).

The weft yarn is Bourette Silk. A slubby and textured yarn but also creates a soft fabric. Shown here in one of the block colours: green. Eline’s custom choices were also a vibrant yellow and soft mist grey.

Other Custom Made Choices

This custom made fabric was woven in plain weave which allowed for the colours and embellishments to take ‘centre stage’! The embellishments were inlays of white and dark navy Merino wool and beading on the tassels.

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