Lost Words 

Inspired by the beautiful book Lost Words - the textiles from this warp will conjure, like the spells from the book, a rekindling of simple, yet powerful words that paint a picture of our British landscape. 

Each piece will pay homage to words such as Dandelion, Ivy, Acorn and Otter. The pieces are hand woven in an ethical and traditional process with yarns chosen for quality and sustainability. Made in harmony with our environment to dissolve barriers between ourselves and nature. 

The warp is a Merino/Tencel yarn hand painted here in the Scottish countryside in soft yet rich tones of fern and moss green, deep mud browns, granite grey and lichen yellow. 

The mix of Merino & Tencel combines softness and shine. It is a touchable yarn - a perfect choice for strokable,  gentle and gorgeous fabric. 

Scarves and shawls are currently being woven. There may be the opportunity to own a baby wrap within this theme. Please register your interest for baby wraps here

More coming soon....

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Long Scarf

75% Merino 15% Tussah Silk & 10% Tencel

with beading 

more details to follow...

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