to conjure these seasonal and wild moments for an individual to love for a life time

I believe that those who resonate with the natural world are sensitive to its nuances. We have favourite seasons or aspects within seasons: looking forward to hedgerows of berries or the tiny glimpses of Spring buds on trees. This is the story I tell through each textile. The feel, colour, texture and weight can convey history, a moment in time or mood. My job is to conjure these seasonal and wild moments from Scotland for an individual to love for a life time.

I start with the outdoors: collecting photos, wind blown mementos and noting down the small details and feelings. Once home I will collect yarns, dye charts and, especially when creating custom work, make colour sketches to share.

The warps are hand dyed in my studio in the North East of Scotland: reflecting a natural and Scottish inspired palette. Each scarf, shawl or piece of fabric is woven in small runs with hand blended inlays added as I weave. Intuitively created, hand blended fibres, make each scarf or shawl totally unique.

Feather & Hay individually finishes the textiles. Creating beautiful fringes and checking each piece over before finally washing them in 100% natural soap. The Feather & Hay scarf, shawl, baby wrap or fabric is ready to be worn and loved.  

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