Making the Most of Autumn

I love the feeling of hustle and bustle during Autumn as well as the beautiful colours that burst forth little by little

Autumn has always felt like a precious moment, one to be savoured and experienced as much as possible. As a farmer’s daughter I grew up with this being a busy time. Collecting the bounty of hard work throughout the year, harvest suppers and celebrations. I love the feeling of hustle and bustle during Autumn as well as the beautiful colours that burst forth little by little. Look out for spots of red from the Rowan tree. The ever-changing colour display of autumnal leaves and naturally dried grasses that are perfect in beautiful home displays.

Whether you love, love, love, Autumn or wish Summer could go on forever here’s some of my favourite things to do this Autumn:

3 of my Favourite things to do this Autumn


Collecting Nature’s Bounty

This year we’ve been lucky with balmy temperatures. Now is a great time to get outdoors and collect nature’s bounty. Search the hedgerows for Blackberries, Elderberries, and Crab Apples. No need for coats yet – choose a jumper, boots and jeans and your favourite scarf. Layering with scarves or shawls is the way to go so you can wrap up if it gets chilly but you’re not lumbered with a coat to carry around. Your arms are going to be full of berries!


Mini Picnics

With all those berries made into home baked goodies – make a mini picnic. The weather might be too changeable to go full picnic so my family and I love to make it short and sweet. A flask of hot chocolate (or tea, coffee etc.) and a tin full of muffins make our outings feel decadent and are easily carried (thank you teenage sons). Make the most of the Autumn sunshine and get walking.


Light a Candle

Trying to find quiet time is tricky all year round but make the most of the days when the sun doesn’t shine. Enjoy the moody grey moments with a beautiful pumpkin scented candle. There’s something wonderful about the ambiance a candle creates when the light is low during the day.

I used to struggle with this aspect of the shorter days but by turning it into something I can look forward to has really helped. I use this rare opportunity to read poetry (my new love) or listening to music. Snuggle up with a F&H shawl and turn it into a blissful self-care opportunity.

Need some Autumn music suggestions?

Take a look at my especially curated Autumn Spotify playlist

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