Mother’s Day Country Gift Ideas

Mother's Day 

6 gorgeous gift ideas for a country loving Mum

Its nearly Mother's Day (31st March) and Feather & Hay has been thinking what are the best gifts to give a country loving mum? One that enjoys time outdoors, respects the environment around her and seeks the simplicity and beauty of our natural world. Here are 6 gorgeous gifts from the simple to the totally beautiful. F&H will help you pick a winner (even if you're treating yourself - we won't tell!)

1. A Pretty Posy

It doesn't have to be the biggest, most expensive bunch.

A thoughtful posy is best: choose flowers that she has enjoyed before, or pick the flowers linked to her own or her children's birthday months. 

2. Organic Lavender Bud Pillows

Eco-friendly and natural a delightfully scented pillow, made with hand woven fabric that is not only sustainably made but beautiful to look at and touch. Give a little reminder of summer for the scent of Lavender. 

3. A Craft Kit

Do you have a mum who likes to make her own country inspired items for the house?

Try a F&H Textile Art Kit. Choose a unique and eco-friendly hand woven fabric in her favourite colour and a cut out mount. Then let her be in control of the finished look!

4. Notebook for sketching

A notebook to sketch, collect flower and spring-growth notes or write her own poetry!

This notebook will beat them all because it is gorgeous to look at, is made by a collaboration of British artisans AND is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. It has been made totally by hand. 

5. A Hand Woven Scarf

This one really IS a one-off gift. F&H only makes limited design runs linked to especially chosen inspiration. Hand weaving isn't uniformed like machine woven products each piece will have its quirks and individuality.  Be safe in the knowledge Mum will be wandering through the countryside with a unique accessory chosen especially for her. 

Not only that but F&H uses traditional equipment and slow processes to minimise the impact on our environment and ensure the beauty and longevity of the textile. Owning this scarf helps to respect the countryside she knows and loves. 

Each Feather & Hay is designed with a story to tell, inspired by nature, the landscape or the seasonal flow of country living. 

6. Time Outdoors

Once you've given her the beautiful and thoughtful gift it is time to get outdoors.

She loves being out in nature so make sure you're spending time with her in her favourite place. Pack her a flask of something, perhaps some biscuits or cake, maybe a raincoat too (We are talking British countryside!) and go enjoy time together. 

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