November Prompts – feeling Autumnal?

On the first day of the month I decided to create some November Prompts….

Instagram can become overwhelming. The pressure to adhere to the ‘algorithm’ smothers any sense of fun that used to happen when sharing on the app. I LOVE autumn and the gorgeous colours of burnt umber, rust, deep browns and reds were a little late reaching us in Scotland. It has been so mild I have even been picking sweat peas up to the final week of November.

Back to the November Prompts. On the 1st November I decided to write a list of 29 (as the 1st November had already happened!) prompt words to help put the fun back into posting. The list was there to find all the best parts of Autumn, using words such as mist, leaves, wild and wander.

A few friends over on Instagram joined in with the prompts and it was really interesting to see different interpretations.

Here’s the first half of November from Feather & Hay Textiles:

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Some of my favourites from the November Prompts

Day 4 – fungi

Finding so many Flying Agaric this year was amazing. How can you not be cheered by their red and white decoration? The conditions must have been perfect this year as I found so many! Here’s a few of my favourites:

In the middle of November I had a very wet trip to Glen Lethnot. The final part of the journey takes a good 15 minutes of long and winding single-track road. It was the perfect opportunity to create a time lapse. It was fun to show just how isolated some of the glens are. Pop over to Instagram to see the Reels and get a feel for the road into Glen Lethnot.

Day 17 – pathways

The November Prompts really ‘prompted’ me to share more and I loved showing an autumnal Scotland. I enjoyed sharing them as a community and seeing how others interpreted them.

What do you think of the November Prompts?

Here’s the prompts from this year, perhaps I’ll add a prompt for the 1st and try again next year.

What prompt would you add for the 1st November?

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