On the Loom – inspiration from the Sagrada Familia: Semi-Custom Slots

Next up on the Loom!                                                                                                                        & Semi-Custom slots….

Sagrada Familia Inspiration Warp


Laura’s inspiration starting point was the Sagrada Familia. The warp is a soft 8/2 Cotton with bands of natural and colour across the width (2,4,6,6,6,4,2 inch bands) blending into each other. The colours blend from pinks to light lilac and a deeper purple to gorgeous greens. They are all work so well together.


If you choose to have a semi-custom for this warp you can choose any of the weave patterns below or a mixture of them, choose colour and fibre of the weft (horizontal) yarn and the wrap’s length & finish. They are all twills with varying treadling (pressing of pedals) to create the different patterns.


Please follow the Facebook page for ongoing process photos as the warp is put onto the Loom,
Please fill in this form if you’d like a slot:
I will make sure any slots are allocated by 20.09.16