Sea Shell Echoes

A custom made piece: this Cotton warp’s strong point of focus was its choice of blues. Framed by purple and a very subtle and soft teal like blue the shades are classic and beautiful. This piece of fabric will make you want to touch and bring close to your heart. it doesn’t shout but the echoes are unmistakable. 


  • Cotton Warp (mix of pre-dyed and hand dyed yarns)
  • Custom piece used a delicate hand dyed blue Tencel weft
  • Crackle weave pattern
  • Medium density warp
  • Hand dyed wefts
  • 2018 Warp

Pieces made

  • Astar – size 4 baby wrap Cotton, Mulberry Silk & Royal Alpaca
  • Na Marra – size 2 baby wrap Cotton, Bamboo & Merino

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