Hand Woven Shawl/Scarf from the 'All the Pinks' collection

A beautiful, soft and luxurious shawl/scarf with a pretty tasselled fringe. Designed for those that love soft and bright pinks with a little red too!

All the Pinks - Natural Shawl/Scarf.

A range of pinks blended with a gorgeously silky ecru Tencel that makes the pinks 'pop'

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All the Pinks - Natural Shawl/Scarf

A beautiful shawl that can be draped around the shoulders or worn as a scarf. Soft pinks blending to bright red across the warp make this a bright and vibrant piece.

The All the Pinks warp and weft have both been made from soft Cotton. The fabric drapes well and the weave is an intricate crackle weave. The shawl is finished with beautiful hand twisted tassels. The weft colour is an ecru coloured Tencel, giving a little shine, a soft feel and wonderful drape to the piece. Spot the tiny addition of some sparkle along one side of the shawl (just enough to glimmer in the light).

Product details for All the Pinks - Natural Shawl/Scarf

Fibre content: 50% soft Cotton 50% Tencel

Ends: colourful hand twisted tassels

Width: 72cm

Length: 172cm (not including fringe)

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Feather & Hay creates textiles by hand using the traditional heritage craft skill of weaving on a floor loom.Inspired by the British countryside and made to respect and appreciate it's stories, rhythms and cycles. F&H makes textiles based on a SLOW living basis. Read more HERE.

The textiles not only reflect our beautiful landscapes, plants and wildlife but are also created to dissolve the barriers between our modern selves and nature.  All products are hand woven on Feather & Hay's floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced and increasingly sustainable yarns, these limited edition textiles are lovingly worked thread by thread to bring an original hand made item. Commissioned work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.

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