Carnival - Extra long bright Scarf with tassels

A bright Scarf that is bold and beautiful with a soft and fluffy side!

Carnival - Extra long Scarf 




Carnival - Extra long bright Scarf with tassels

The  Carnival - Extra long bright Scarf is bold and beautiful with a soft and fluffy side!

The Carnival warp has a huge selection of colourful Cottons. As I warped this set I made sure that every stand was placed next to a different colour. It is vibrant, colourful and busy just as you would expect a noisy, vibrant carnival to be! The weft for this scarf is a soft and gentler hand dyed blue to compliment the busy warp. The weft fibres are a mixed British Blue Faced Leicester Wool with Alpaca which gives the scarf softness and a gentle halo.

If you like lots of scarf, this beauty is for you. With the length being 315cm it can be wrapped several times around keeping all chills and icy breezes well at bay! The beautiful tassels provide an extra boost of colour at the ends of the scarf.

The Carnival weave is a crackle pattern, one that draws the eye in different ways  - close to the eye it pattern almost waves in and out from colourful Cotton to the soft blue of the weft colour but further away you may spot the asymmetrical diamond pattern. This is a scarf with a lot going on - always there to brightenn your day.

Spot the Feather & Hay rooster woven label, not given to all scarves - only the super duper versions like this!

Product details for Carnival - Extra long bright Scarf with tassels

Fibre content: Cotton, Blue Faced Leicester & Alpaca

Ends: Colourful twisted tassels

Width: 26cm

Length: 315cm


Feather & Hay has beautifully crafted these textiles by hand. Inspired by the countryside and made for the those that love, live and connect with it. You'll find a unique but practical item made especially for you to cherish and enjoy. With Georgina's history with farming and living on a farm, the slow rhythm of a traditional craft and country life is inherent to how she works. It is not just about reflecting the beauty of our landscapes but how the textiles interact with our everyday living and working in the British countryside. All products are hand woven on Feather & Hay's floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced natural yarns, these limited edition textiles are lovingly worked thread by thread to bring you an original hand made item. Bespoke work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.


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