An extra large hand woven scarf made with the finest British yarns.

The ‘Cluthaich’ Giant Scarf

The Autumn inspired ‘Cluthaich’ Giant Scarf is made with beautifully flecked yarns. It is hand woven in the North East of Scotland using traditional patterns and gentle processes.


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‘Cluthiach’ Giant Scarf

The ‘Cluthiach’ Giant Scarf has been hand woven for those that love the wild landscapes of Scotland’s Highlands. The Cairngorm National Park is on the eastern side of the Highlands skirted by the Angus Glens. It is a place of misty mountains, granite plateaus, pine forests, rivers and lochs. A landscape steeped in folk stories and wild spaces.

Cluthiach means – to clothe warmly, make snug. The perfect antidote for the coming chilly days.

To walk the Highlands is to experience a whole range of weathers often a bracing wind, a lashing of rain and dark foreboding skies. The ‘Cluthaich’ Giant scarf is about wrapping up and walking into the weather, loving the wild elements and embracing them.

This new rust coloured scarf is a celebration of the richness of Autumn. Think of golden bracken blanketing the hillsides and dock seeds rich after a summer’s growth. The varied pebbles at the bottom of a burn and the the swirling colours of autumn leaves.

The Feather & Hay textiles are hand woven in my studio in the North East of Scotland. I use natural British & Irish yarns with high sustainability and ethical qualities. The hand spun yarns feature fibres from local Scottish sources such as Alpaca and sheep wool blending them with other beautiful fibres like Linen & Rose.

The Giant Scarf design is for those that love to wrap themselves in something cosy for the colder months. The soft fibres are airy and light in natural Scottish Highland colours. The length & width of this scarf will wrap twice around and can be pulled up over the head as a hood!

‘Cluthaich’ Giant Scarf Details

Length: approx 240cm -/+ 3%

Width: 48 cm

Fibre: 100% Merino Lambswool

Embellishments: Inlays of hand blended Shetland wool + Linen & Rose fibres

How to wash/care for product: Hand wash

Hand woven in Scotland

To choose a hand woven textile is to accept a slower pace. The Feather & Hay floor loom is powered by hand and foot not electricity, continuing a long history of hand weaving in Scotland. I believe in well made, hand crafted textiles that go beyond utility. Feather & Hay creates textiles whose aesthetics, ethics and tactile qualities entwine with the wild stories of the Scottish Highlands to become heirlooms of the future.

I use traditional craft skills and the finest natural materials to make one off textiles that respect the earth and look beautiful. Feather & Hay chooses high quality, renewable and sustainable fibres. This ensures a long lasting textile that does not deplete the planet’s resources. Feather & Hay dyes, hand weaves, hem stitches, washes and finishes each textile within North East Scotland.

The designs reflect wild places. Often telling the story of the smaller details only noticed by those that immerse themselves in nature and respect its wild and natural balance. Each textile has unique, intuitively added embellishments such as small, hand entwined fibre inlays.

The shawls and scarves are woven to feel comfortable against the skin. I have combined the very best fibres to ensure each piece is soft, warm and smooth.

Feather & Hay doesn’t just make textiles. Each hand woven piece starts with a story rooted in the natural world. Inspiration springs from the landscape, its history, rhythms and cycles.

Commissioned work is available so get in touch if you would like something especially made.

Washing your Textile

You do not need to pre-wash your item, each piece has been finished ready to use. Feather & Hay textiles are washed in 100% Coconut oil soap. This is free from synthetic detergents, phosphates, optical brighteners, enzymes, fragrances and preservatives.

To preserve the beauty and magic of your Feather & Hay textile it is best to hand wash and line dry.