Queen of Elphame

A textured wrap with wonderful qualities: kind to shoulders and great to wrap with. Coming soon! This wrap is currently travelling to baby wearers around Europe & beyond!



Community Weaving Project: Queen of Elphame Baby Wrap

A size 5+ baby wrap with fabulous wrap qualities and gorgeous tassels


Coming Soon!

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Community Weaving Project: Queen of Elphame Baby Wrap

The 'Queen of Elphame' Baby Wrap is one of a selection woven as part of the Community Weaving Project. This was a warp designed by the tester & chat group on Facebook. Polls and discussions decided the path to its creation. This is a hand painted Cotton warp, dyed with previously measured chains. The colours are a multiple blend including blues, purples, greens and a little orange and yellow.

The Community Weaving Project: Queen of Elphame Baby Wrap was made towards the end of the warp making the tones more pastel; accompanied with a silvery Banana Silk the colours are softer in palette. The weave pattern is an undulating twill which was is different to the first set of wraps and scarves woven. The weft for this baby wrap is Banana Silk. This fibre is quite nubby in nature but makes a very bandagey wrap, it is quite forgiving on the shoulders. The wrap features long colourful tassels.

Queen of Elphame is the Scottish equivalent to the Queen of Fairy who rules Faërie or Fairyland.The whole warp was based on a fantasy based seascape so the names have an other-worldly theme.

Taken from: www.ancient-origins.net 

"In Scottish and Northern British folklore the name ''Queen of Elphame'', means ''Queen of Fairyland''. It is unknown when she appeared in history or legends for the first time, but she was mentioned in several old folk stories and also in documents of witch trials."

"The legend of the fairy queen became an inspiration for many famous artists and writers. This character appeared in plays by Shakespeare and his followers. All of the fairies they presented in their texts may be associated with the Queen of Elphame."

Community Weaving Project: Queen of Elphame Baby Wrap Product Details


Fibre: 50% Cotton 50% Banana Silk

Weave:Undulating Twill variation


How to wash/care for product: Hand Wash

If you are considering a handwoven you will not be disappointed they are works of art!


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Feather & Hay creates textiles by hand using the traditional heritage craft skill of weaving on a floor loom. Inspired by the British countryside and made to respect and appreciate it's stories, rhythms and cycles. F&H makes textiles based on a SLOW living basis. Read more HERE.

Not only do the textiles reflect Britain's beautiful landscapes, plants and wildlife but are created to dissolve the barriers between our modern selves and nature.  All products are hand woven on Feather & Hay's floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced and increasingly sustainable yarns. Each textile created thread by thread brings an original hand made item that respects the rhythm of nature. Commissioned work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.


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