Dandelion Long Scarf

A soft and gentle hand woven piece inspired by the unsung hero: The Dandelion. A stunning combination of mulesing-free Merino wool , Tussah Silk & eco-friendly Tencel and Gold Stellina. This is a unique design and fibre mix <3

Dandelion Long Scarf Product Overview

Length: 195cm

Width: 38cm

Fibre: 75% Merino Wool 10% Tencel 10% Tussah Silk and 5% Gold Stellina

Weave: ‘Plackle’ a mix between a plaited twill and a crackle

Edges: hem stitiched fringed ends

Embellishments: bead embellished sections at each end and a hand stamped leather tag

How to wash/care for product: Hand wash


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A hand painted green warp with a soft yellow hand-dyed weft (all hand dyeing done by F&H). The colours shift and change along the length of the scarf.

The Story behind the Dandelion Long Scarf

The Dandelion Long Scarf has a hand dyed Merino, Tussah Silk & gold Stellina yarn weft: Sunshine yellow weft yarn blends with the soft warp greens. On each end of the scarf there is a leno woven section with metallic green glass beads. The scarf is finished with a hem stitched fringe.

We loved the yellow colour so much that when it came to the weave pattern it had to be understated. The weave pattern used is a cross between a plaited twill and a crackle. amusingly called ‘Plackle’.

We think this unsung flower, one that benefits the environment (bees love them) as well as being rather lovely, is worth remembering in our Lost Words Collection.

The Lost Words Collection has been created to conjure words that remind us of the simple beauty found in nature. Words that are being lost in a world full of technological language. Each hand woven piece from this collection has its name hand stamped on a leather label, helping to summon the power those words hold when they are remembered and spoken.

Feather & Hay creates limited edition textiles. Each piece has a story to tell, inspired by nature, the landscape or the seasonal flow of country living. Our creations immerse the wearer in the power of wild; touching, holding and possessing will summon it’s magic.

Our textiles are hand woven on Feather & Hay’s floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced and high quality raw materials. Each textile created thread by thread brings an original hand made item that respects the rhythm of nature. Commissioned work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.

How do I wash my hand woven item?

To preserve the beauty and magic of your Feather & Hay textile it is best to hand wash and line dry when required.

You do not need to pre-wash your item, each piece has been finished read for immediate use.

For plant based (cellulose) fibres use a non-bio detergent in hand warm water. Ecover is a good example of a gentle detergent.

For animal based (protein) fibres use a detergent suitable for delicates (often described as ‘for wool or silk’). Keep the temperature just warm to the hand and try not to agitate the fabric when washing. Remember felting can occur with heat, water & friction!