The Story Plaids can be worn over a coat and fixed with a pin (Celtic pins look amazing!), they’re a perfect accompaniment to a beautiful dress for a wedding or simply thrown over a chair ready to be snuggled into whilst reading a well thumbed copy of Outlander.

Darach – Story Plaid: The Oak

This hand woven plaid shares the story of Autumn, for those that love changing leaf colours: in rich and warm tones.

Darach – (Gaelic) meaning ‘Oak’

The Darach – Story Plaid holds the magic of Autumn. With a plaid of warm tones against striking silvers. Then embellished with swirling oak leaves that float gently down the edge of the shawl. A celebration of strength & longevity.

Each piece from the Autumnal Story Plaids creates its own statement. A story embellished and stitched on each shawl. There are only four in the collection. Darach – Story Plaid being the first.


Product Information

Fibres – 100% Merino Lambswool Yarn from British mills, with hand spun inlayed yarns of mixed natural fibres such as Shetland and Merino wools.

Dimensions – 91cm x 250cm (+/- 5%)

Design – a hand woven plaited Twill plaid pattern with hand felted and hand stitched embellishments, inlayed hand spun yarns.

Darach – Story Plaid: The Oak, strength & longevity


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The Darach – Story Plaid – The Story (design & inspiration)

Autumn in Scotland is a time of great colour and change. Leaves turn to burnished gold, russeted ambers and burnt umbers. The sun shines golden through the final glimpses of gently waving branches full of colour. Berries of varying shades pull heavily on the boughs of rowan, elder and juniper. It is not surprising that there is much folk and plantlore around the trees found in woodlands in Scotland, some originating in the Caledonian forests of old.

This set of Story Plaids capture Autumn along warm criss cross lines of warm rust, golden wheat and soft silvers. Each shawl is decorated with its own story. Oak leaves falling & swirling gently, Birch branches with their magical potency sway across the textile and look out for secretly placed acorns and berries. If you love Autumn, especially a Scottish Autumn, these hand woven Story Plaids will capture the essence of this season within the cosy depths of each plaid shawl.

The Darach – Story Plaid is a celebration of the mighty Oak. Large, formidable and easily recognisable with its curly edged leaves and tiny acorns. A famous Oak in Scotland stands on the river Tay – the wood to which it once belonged was immortalised in the words of Shakespeare in the play Macbeth.

‘I will not be afraid of death and bane. Till Birnam Forest come to Dunisinane.’

In the play, the trees of Birnam Forest began to move, concealing the movement of an army advancing against Macbeth. The Birnam Oak is classed as a ‘Scottish Heritage Tree’ and it is believed that William Shakespeare may have visited the forest during a royal tour.

The Oak symbolises strength and longevity. It has been linked to gods and held in high esteem by many peoples. The Darach – Story Plaid captures the moments in time where the leaves slowly descend to the earth: a cascade of golden hues to delight they eye and celebrate the cycle of the seasons.

The Making

I love traditional patterns and believe their classic look will transcend seasons. The plaid is synonymous to Scotland and the designs are rooted in this pattern. I believe in creating one off textiles that reflect the wearer or owner of each piece. The stories are unique and will not be re-created.

Scotland radiates magic, it is why we often feel connected to it from afar. Each Story Plaid is a piece of textile art that illustrates this. The embellishments may be hand stitched, hand felted or threaded with hand spun art yarns that I spin myself. These are added directly to the fabric whilst it is being woven on the loom. The tensioned fabric is the perfect surface to work from.

The designs are made using gentle techniques that hark back to slower times. Using a loom in my Scottish studio, it is powered by hands and feet not electricity. I use natural fibres and yarns that come from British, Scottish & Irish mills, chosen for quality and sustainability. Each step is carefully considered so that the textile is made to the very highest of standards. A hand woven textile has life and personality and, if looked after, will look beautiful for many years ahead.

Use the Story Plaid as a blanket or throw, wrap around as wearable art or hang them as a piece of art in their own right.