Choose a complimentary colour hand woven fabric pack

The new 2022 hand woven fabric packs have been put together in complimentary patterns & colours. This means that they’re great for craft projects. Use for patch work items, embellishments, adding unique pockets or patches to clothing.

All the fabrics are hand woven by Feather & Hay and each pack weighs approximately 100g. I put these together from the off cuts of the last year’s weaving. They will not be replicated – each year offers a different set! The sizing ranges from 12 x 20 cm to 30 x 40cm but each pack will be unique. Currently all the packs are made with wool fibres.

Limited Availability

Please note packs may be sent unwrapped and flattened to aid shipping.

Fabric Off Cuts – perfect for crafting

Customers have made a range of items using the Feather & Hay packs. Sew pieces together to make patchwork quilts, sew onto bags or blankets in the form of applique or use for Christmas crafts. The fabrics come in a range of beautiful, rich tweedy colours – adding an extra quality to any hand made project.

Choose 100g of fabric off cuts from a gold mix, stone blue mix, silver & burgundy mix or a grey & neutrals mix