Feather & Hay Small Bag – made in Scotland

This colour was designed for the blue granite mountains – The Cairngorms. For their snow edged, blue colour when seen at a distance: with dashes of golden heaths and looming greys skies.


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Inspired by & Made in Scotland

Made from Feather & Hay’s especially hand woven fabric. The designs are inspired by the wild landscape of Scotland, the plaid pattern is embellished with hand spun yarns. Due to the nature of adding these art yarns throughout the fabric each bag will be ‘one of a kind’.

The bags are made in small runs, never over producing, to offer these unique pieces without creating waste. I chose a Scottish manufacturer, whose ethos is close to mine: making high quality items with a simple and well made resources.

Feather & Hay Small Bag Details

Size: approx 16 x 18.5cm x 7cm

Fibre: Merino Lambswool with inlayed yarns of Merino, Shetland wools & Rose and Flax fibres

Embellishments: Inlays of hand blended Shetland wool + Nettle & Rose fibres

How to wash/care for product: Do not wash