Grey and the Pines Square Scarf

A scarf of quiet and lonesome colours, it is happy to stand alone in subtle beauty & peace

Grey and the Pines Square Scarf Product Overview

Length: ave 74cm

Width: ave 74cm

Fibre: 50% Supima Cotton 47.5% Lambswool 2.5% Cashmere

Weave: Plain

Edges: knotted fringe ends with amber glass beading

Embellishments: beading & mustard yellow clasped weft.

How to wash/care for product: Hand wash


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Subtle colours and soft fibres. This is not a scarf to be forgotten, with strong blue-grey hues & a little mustard yellow, it just doesn’t need to shout to be heard.

The Story behind Grey and the Pines Square Scarf

The Grey and the Pines Square Scarf is named for those that seek quiet solitude, moments away from busy lives to seek the calm of the fragrant pine forest.

A square scarf to be folded into a triangle and tied or pinned at the neck. Each scarf has a tasselled or fringed edge making them versatile but unique scarves. Easy to pop on and off once tied or pinned. See a video on how to wear here.

The fibre combination in this scarf is a soft Supima Cotton with Lambswool and a touch of Cashmere. Making it a touch-ably soft but strong and dependable scarf. The Grey and The Pines Square Scarf is the perfect mix of eco-friendly fibres.

Feather & Hay doesn’t just make textiles. Each hand woven piece starts with a story rooted in the natural world. Inspiration springs from the landscape, its history, rhythms and cycles.

The textiles are hand woven on Feather & Hay’s floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced and high quality raw materials. Each textile, created thread by thread, brings an original hand made item that respects the rhythm of nature. Commissioned work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.

How do I wash my hand woven item?

To preserve the beauty and magic of your Feather & Hay textile it is best to hand wash and line dry when required.

You do not need to pre-wash your item, each piece has been finished read for immediate use.

For plant based (cellulose) fibres use a non-bio detergent in hand warm water. Ecover is a good example of a gentle detergent.

For animal based (protein) fibres use a detergent suitable for delicates (often described as ‘for wool or silk’). Keep the temperature just warm to the hand and try not to agitate the fabric when washing. Remember felting can occur with heat, water & friction!

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