Introducing the combination of two creative minds: Feather & Hay and Feather & Wild. The Supima Cotton warp is hand painted somewhere between charcoal and ink. The Haywild scarf or shawl reflects a Nordic melancholy and the grey blue nostalgia of Feather & Wild using Feather & Hay’s traditional and sustainable method of weaving textiles. This is a limited edition collection – only one set to be woven this Autumn.

HayWild Scarf or Shawl

Pick an earthy orange Cotton/Linen weft like Victoria’s scarf or choose a new weft fibre (and colour) such as Shetland wool or Tencel. The width is set at 32″ wide this will give a finished piece of about 77cm wide x chosen length.

Pay a deposit today (to be woven in November)


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Deposits are non-refundable but count towards the overall cost of your finished textile. See prices below

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Book a bespoke made HayWild scarf or shawl with a £89 deposit. Feather & Hay will then get in touch to discuss colour, fibres and length of your bespoke piece.

Please note hand weaving bespoke fabrics takes many weeks. The bookings are open until 15.10.19 and pieces will be woven in November. The final pieces will be ready by December (they will be ready for UK Christmas delivery).

The width is set at 32″ but you can choose the length woven dependent on availability.


Prices begin from £110 per metre for a 100% Cotton shawl or scarf. A bespoke 100% square scarf (see example) is £89

Other fibre examples

(As Victoria’s scarf) Cotton & Linen (overall piece will be 69% Cotton 31%Linen) £110 per metre

Tencel (overall piece will be 50% Cotton 50% Tencel) £110 per metre

Shetland wool (overall piece will be 50% Supima Cotton 50% Shetland wool) £120 per metre

Fine Lambswool & Cashmere (overall piece will be 50% Cotton 47.5% Fine Lambswool 2.5% Cashmere) £120 per metre

Other options available upon request

How does a Haywild Semi-Custom work?

Each scarf or shawl will have the moody grey background as Victoria’s scarf but you can choose a similar rust orange as the piece featured or try a different colour. Feather & Hay can guide on good colour and fibre choices. Prices included a tasselled fringe.

The deposit paid secures a section on the loom. This will contribute towards the overall cost of your piece. Feather & Hay will provide an estimate before invoicing for the rest of your item. Read more about commissioned work.

Once your deposit is paid Feather & Hay will be in touch to discuss requirements all pieces will be woven by November 2019.

Feather & Hay creates limited edition textiles. Each piece has a story to tell, inspired by nature, the landscape or the seasonal flow of country living. Our creations immerse the wearer in the power of wild; touching, holding and possessing will summon it’s magic.

Our textiles are hand woven on Feather & Hay’s floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced and high quality raw materials. Each textile created thread by thread brings an original hand made item that respects the rhythm of nature. Commissioned work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.