'Night Roaming'

A dark, soft and textured 50% Cotton 50% Bamboo. A useful 'shortie' size 2/3 at 300cm. The Bamboo weft makes this wrap soft and delicate enough for babies' skin. From the 'Wolf' warp. 

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"These wraps are clearly made with love! Soft, mouldable, cushy and stunningly beautiful!

'Night Roaming'

Imagine a dark velvety night sky with a lone wolf pacing through the snow. This wrap has many beautiful colours: although subtle have a deep vibrancy. Perfect for quick ups with your little ones. Hand woven with love in Somerset. 



Night Roaming - 'Shortie' textured and soft baby wrap. Woven in a favourite Crackle (used in the Christmas Lights warp in 2016) that many of our baby wearers tell us works fabulously in a baby wrap, this wrap might be a 'shortie' but will hold it's own. Night Roaming is from the Wolf warp and named for its deep Navy weft that brings depth and quality the warp's greys & lilacs.

The wrap has a thick feel to handle but doesn’t feel overly bulky - you will tie a knot without trouble. Great for younger babies as the Bamboo weft provides softness and comfort against the skin.  The wrap is 300cm and is 50% Cotton & 50% Bamboo.

Night Roaming - 'Shortie' textured and soft baby wrap Product Details

Wrap Length: 300cm

Fibre: 50% Cotton 50% Bamboo

Weave: Crackle

Edges: ends are fringed

The wrap has navy, multiple blues, grey, lilacs and the occasional vibrant pink thread across the Cotton warp and the weft is a dark navy Bamboo. The weave pattern is a Crackle weave that creates triangles repeated together that can look like stars, you will find the pattern can transform depending how you have tied the wrap.

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Feather & Hay creates textiles by hand using the traditional heritage craft skill of weaving on a floor loom.Inspired by the British countryside and made to respect and appreciate it's stories, rhythms and cycles. F&H makes textiles based on a SLOW living basis. Read more HERE.

The textiles not only reflect our beautiful landscapes, plants and wildlife but are also created to dissolve the barriers between our modern selves and nature.  All products are hand woven on Feather & Hay's floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced and increasingly sustainable yarns, these limited edition textiles are lovingly worked thread by thread to bring an original hand made item. Commissioned work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.

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