'Astar' Baby Wrap size 4 

Luxuriously soft and light baby wrap, woven in Crackle weave with tassels. A subtle blending of blues edged with purple and teal and a fawn coloured weft. 




Cotton with Alpaca & Mulberry Silk


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Sea Shell Echoes - 'Astar' Baby Wrap Size 4

The 'Astar' Baby Wrap is one of two sister pieces from a custom made baby wrap warp: a Cotton warp with a focus on beautiful and subtle blues. Framed by purple and soft teal like blues the shades are classic and beautiful. This piece of fabric will make you want to touch and bring close to your heart. it doesn't shout but the echoes are unmistakable.

'Astar' Baby Wrap is woven in a crackle weave with the treadling circling back to give diamond shapes in the pattern. The weft fibres are a stunning Royal Alpaca and Mulberry Silk yarn that is described as being 'lighter than clouds' and having a 'delicate sheen' and 'gentle drape'. Hand dyed by Feather & Hay the 'Astar' Baby Wrap's weft is a soft fawn that gives the wrap a Royal quality to accompany the Royal grade of the Alpaca.

Why is it called 'Astar'? The warp name came from the sea shell collection inspiration photo. The imagery around this warp is about wide open beaches with sporadic shells dotting the expanse. Astar is the Scottish Gaelic word for 'journey' or 'distance' - 'Astar' Baby Wrap represents the journey a small shell may take across a fierce sea to arrive singularly on a shore.

The 'Astar' Baby Wrap is a mid range density comparable to other F&H baby wraps. It has amazing drape but is light in hand and will be soft from the very beginning. 'Astar' is beautifully finished with tassels.

The 'Astar' Baby Wrap Product Details

Wrap Length: 382cm

Fibre: 50% Cotton 35% Mulberry Silk 15% Royal Alpaca

Weave: Crackle

Edges: ends are tasselled

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Feather & Hay has beautifully crafted these textiles by hand. Inspired by the countryside and made for the those that love, live and connect with it. You'll find a unique but practical item made especially for you to cherish and enjoy. With Georgina's history with farming and living on a farm, the slow rhythm of a traditional craft and country life is inherent to how she works. It is not just about reflecting the beauty of our landscapes but how the textiles interact with our everyday living and working in the British countryside. All products are hand woven on Feather & Hay's floor loom in Scotland, using especially sourced natural yarns, these limited edition textiles are lovingly worked thread by thread to bring you an original hand made item. Bespoke work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.


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