Plant Dyed Purple Scarf + Soybean & Rose fibre inlays

A seriously soft scarf, light and easy to wear. With lots of character and delicate additions of Soybean & Rose fibre inlays. Plant dyed.


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Plant Dyed Purple Scarf Details

Length: 184cm

Width: 49 cm

Fibre: 80% Preconsumer recycled Cotton, + 20% Virgin Cotton

Weave: Mix of Plain weave and Twill

Edges: Hem stitched fringe

Embellishments: Soy Bean & Rose fibre inlays

How to wash/care for product: Hand wash

The Story behind the Simply Woven Collection

To choose a hand woven textile is to accept a slower pace. The Feather & Hay floor loom is powered by hand and foot not electricity, continuing a long history of hand weaving in Scotland . I use traditional craft skills to make one off textiles that respect the balance of nature. I design and weave Feather & Hay’s collections myself and source high quality natural materials most often in the UK but sometimes in Europe. All resources need to adhere to good standards of animal care, working rights of people and sustainability.

The designs made by Feather & Hay reflect wild places in British landscapes. Often telling the story of the smaller details only noticed by those that immerse themselves in nature and respect its wild and natural balance.

The Simply Woven collection is simple but fun. Using eco-friendly fibres and recycled yarns each piece is woven in a mix of plain and twill weaves. With small additions of fibre inlays (supplementary threads) to give plenty of character.

Feather & Hay doesn’t just make textiles. Each hand woven piece starts with a story rooted in the natural world. Inspiration springs from the landscape, its history, rhythms and cycles.

Commissioned work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.

Washing your Textile

You do not need to pre-wash your item, each piece has been finished ready to use. Feather & Hay textiles are washed in Mangle & Wringer’s Pure Laundry Powder (made with 100% Coconut oil soap). This is free from synthetic detergents, phosphates, optical brighteners, enzymes, fragrances and preservatives.

To preserve the beauty and magic of your Feather & Hay textile it is best to hand wash and line dry.