The Story Plaids can be worn over a coat and fixed with a pin (Celtic pins look amazing!), they’re a perfect accompaniment to a beautiful dress for a wedding or simply thrown over a chair ready to be snuggled into whilst reading a well thumbed copy of Outlander.

Síor-uaine – Story Plaid: Evergreen Forest

This hand woven plaid shares the story of a Scottish Forest, for those that love dark evergreen colours and the magic of wandering through places that feel older than time.

Síor-uaine – (Gaelic) meaning ‘Evergreen’

Síor-uaine – Story Plaid’s meaning

The Síor-uaine– Story Plaid is the magic of the forest. A plaid of dark tones and vibrant greens. This is the simplest of the four designs. Left as a simple plaid, the shawl has hand spun inlays throughout. The colours and softness of the beautiful fibres speak for themselves. This shawl is made for someone seeking the simplicity of evergreen, the beauty of an evergreen forest encapsulated in a shawl.

Each piece from the Forest Story Plaids creates its own statement. A story embellished and stitched on each shawl. There are only four in the collection.


Product Information

Fibres – 100% Merino Lambswool Yarn from a mill in Yorkshire, with hand spun inlayed yarns of mixed natural fibres such as Shetland and Merino wools.

Dimensions – 91cm x 250cm (+/- 5%)

Design – a hand woven Twill plaid pattern with inlayed hand spun yarns.

Síor-uaine – Story Plaid: Evergreen Forest


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The Making

I love traditional patterns and believe their classic look will transcend seasons. The plaid is synonymous to Scotland and the designs are rooted in this pattern. I believe in creating one off textiles that reflect the wearer or owner of each piece. The stories are unique and will not be re-created.

Scotland radiates magic, it is why we often feel drawn to it and its beautiful rugged landscape. Each Story Plaid is a piece of textile art that illustrates this. The embellishments may be hand stitched, hand felted or threaded with hand spun art yarns that I spin myself. These are added directly to the fabric whilst it is being woven on the loom. The tensioned fabric is the perfect surface to work from.

The designs are made using gentle techniques that hark back to slower times. Using a loom in my Scottish studio, it is powered by hands and feet not electricity. I use natural fibres and yarns that come from British, Scottish & Irish mills, chosen for quality and sustainability. Each step is carefully considered so that the textile is made to the very highest of standards. A hand woven textile has life and personality and, if looked after, will look beautiful for many years ahead.

Use the Story Plaid as a blanket or throw, wrap around as wearable art or hang them as a piece of art in their own right.