".....I was blown away with the colours! I first noticed the hearts pattern of the heart weave, with a rainbow warp and a purple weft, which makes this colour pop and stand out among the others!"  From the Panu Meu Review

Vibrantly Purple - Rainbow Warp 3

A soft & light, purple Merino Wool with Rainbow Cottons: a size 3 baby wrap.  A great go to for a quick carry with very little bulk and a perfect amount of 'cush'. 


This baby wrap comes from Feather & Hay's third edition of the always loved Rainbow Warp. Made just that extra special by the touch of purple and soft, easy care Merino Wool it is a great all year round wrap: "but its wool" I hear you cry! This wrap has the softness and light of wool but you will find it helps regulate the temperature of the wearer even in the UK summer months. The bright purple makes the rainbow colours pop and the heart weave stand out. 


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'Vibrantly Purple' - Rainbow Hearts Merino weft Baby Wrap

'Vibrantly Purple' - Rainbow Hearts Merino weft Baby Wrap  is part of the latest Rainbow warp (third set). The third set of Rainbow baby wraps design has an additional light violet after the purple strip. The wrap's weave is also Feather & Hay’s own Heart weave design. The hearts are a little curvier and the pattern in between more ‘dotty’.

Called 'Vibrantly Purple' for the exact and simple reason that the Merino weft is a gorgeously bright & vibrant purple. The purple Merino weft is quite dark so helps the colours to pop. The warp is a grippy Cotton which works well with the squiashy softness of the Merino. You'll find a wrap with grip and lovely softness. This wrap is  most suited to babies and toddlers.

This is a treated Merino so it can be washed and tumble dried. An easy care Wool and Cotton wrap! It is a lovely soft wrap which helps make it soft, floppy and ready to use.

'Vibrantly Purple' - Rainbow Hearts Merino weft Baby Wrap Product Details

Wrap Length: 360cm

Fibre: 50% Cotton 50% Merino

Weave: F&H's Heart Weave

Edges: ends are fringed

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Every item by Feather & Hay has been beautifully crafted by hand. Inspired by the countryside and made for the those that love it, you'll find a unique but practical item made especially for you to love and enjoy. This scarf has been hand woven on Feather & Hay's floor loom in Somerset, using especially sourced British bought yarns that are loving worked thread by thread to make this beautiful item. Custom work is available please get in touch if you would like something especially made.

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